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Power: The Board Game is a simultaneous-turn based strategy experience with no chance involved. This game is for those who enjoy skill, problem solving, and strategy without worrying about the "universe" being against them.

The board is divided into four quadrants, each owned by a player. The goal is to capture the opponents' flags. However, as you move, so do they. If you and your opponent land on the same space, a battle begins, and the one with more "power" is the winner. Sounds simple? It is, while quickly getting complex. Get it now to test your strategy!

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A Re-Release of the classic "Mind-Rebooting" fast paced strategy game, this game will keep you playing for hours. ‚Äč

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About Power Games International

Based in Utah, USA, we are the owners of this classic board game. After over 20 years, we have decided to release this exhilarating experience once again! As lovers of strategy and thinking, we love this game, and know you will too.

To contact us with questions, comments, or a request to play this game with us (yes, seriously), send an email to:

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Power Games Intl

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